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Proximity Based Lifestyle and Social Networking – LocoPing Nears Beta Version of Its App

Posted on: June 17th, 2011 by Ray Panah

LOS ANGELES, June 16, 2011 /PRNewswire/ — Sillero Technologies, a SoCal based start-up nears release of the private beta for its lifestyle and social networking proximity based App for the first 4,999 guests to sign-in at locoping.com
There were a lot of unanswered questions when Sillero Technologies announced the development of LocoPing Mobile App. It was said that it could allow members to record the history of their location and talk to other members who have been around them in the past 24 hours. They revealed more information this week and made it clear that LocoPing is not just another Proximity Relationship App. It’s a multi-channel platform that allows members to select their method of communication: “Dating”, “Business Networking”, “School Networking”, “Neighborhood Networking”, and one that has never been done before: “Buy, Sell, or Rent items” to/from people around you!
“We did this by introducing a feature called ‘Desire,’” says Ray Panah of Sillero Technologies. “LocoPing members can basically choose what they intend to do with the App. They can choose from any of the five ‘Desire’ options on the App. If they’re at school and they want to connect with other students, then they turn the ‘School Networking’ feature on. If they also want to ‘Date’ people around them, they can turn that feature on too. Another member may just want to turn everything off but the ‘Business Networking’ feature. He’ll be able to connect with other attendees at the next convention and exchange info. Then when he goes home after the convention he’ll turn that feature off and turn on the ‘Neighborhood Networking’ feature and see if any of the neighbors’ kids can take care of his dog while he is on a trip next weekend. The savvy garage sale expert down the street will have a better tool for broadcasting his items for sale by turning on the ‘Buy, Sell, or Rent items’ feature and as he moves around town he’s leaving a trace of what he’s got for sale all over the map. The possibilities are limitless.”
As consumer behaviors are becoming much more complex their mobile needs and desires are pushing the App development design teams to dream even bigger App possibilities. One of Sillero’s main focuses is to make geo-location proximity services that span across many age demographics and lifestyles. They believe in solid business models that can actually assist people in their day-to-day life. This gives them ability to rapidly develop Apps that are useful with a fun utility factor to them. DigiFash, the virtual fashion App that allows you to see what you look like in clothes, was another App Sillero had announced last week.
With approach of the launch date for LocoPing, Sillero is allowing the first 4,999 signed-up members at locoping.com to be the first to test the Beta version and be able to use the App free of any subscription fees for life.
Sillero Technologies is a rapid App developer of proximity, lifestyle and social networking platforms and brewer of innovative Apps, in Orange County, CA.
CONTACT: Ray Panah, 1-866-858-4768

Location Based Social Networking Gizmo, LocoPing Mobile App

Posted on: May 19th, 2011 by Ray Panah

LOS ANGELES, May 19, 2011 /PRNewswire/ —Sillero Technologies, a Costa Mesa based start-up has been secretly creating the newest social networking gizmo bringing Location Based Social Networking (LBSN) into the next level!

Sillero’s newest iPhone/iPad App, called “LocoPing”, will blow the doors open this coming July by allowing users to remember other users around them for 24 hours… If you want to talk to that charming guy you saw at the coffee shop… say hi to the blonde you’ve been eyeing in the chemistry class… or exchange phone numbers with someone you met at the convention, now you can, using LocoPing!

“What makes LocoPing different from other location based dating or friendship apps is the fact that we’re giving users the ability to record the history of locations they’ve been at for the past 24 hours,” says Ray Panah, Sillero Technologies. “We don’t want the App user to miss out on any chance of meeting new people. If you saw someone in the past 24 hours or have been around them, then  (more…)